Are you looking for a hair stylist job in Chicago? Chain salons can be tempting. They pay you by the hour and feed you massive amounts of customers, and that is what they are, customers. At our salon we pay commission on $60 haircuts. There is no rushing through a haircut because another customer is waiting. We schedule enough time so you can have fun, be creative, get to know the client in your chair, and not spend your day in a fog of rushing through mediocre haircuts to strangers. If you want a career (a profession rather than a job) send an email and we can talk. I’m sure that when you started beauty school you envisioned yourself working in a fabulous salon doing amazing hair. We will work hard to help you achieve your dreams.

Organic Roots Eco Salon is an organic, non-toxic and sustainable salon with a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Clients can enjoy a glass of wine, organic coffee or tea while waiting and processing. The organic products we work with are the best we've used in 30 years in the industry, and you will be trained to use them. There will be no drama.

We've been open for almost four years and have more new clients than we can handle, so an experienced hairdresser is needed quickly.

To apply, stop by the salon and see us, or send your resume to:

Photo of the inside of our organic hair salon