The Evolution of Organic Hair Care

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The natural & organic revolution is well under way, but some industries are slow to catch up. Most women don’t think twice about carving out the time for our daily skin care regimen to erase or stave off imperfections. However, when it comes to our hair, we often expect gorgeous locks with minimal effort using lackluster products. Women have achieved natural, healthy, and gorgeous hair without the chemicals for hundreds of years! Here’s a peek at how they did it, then and now.

The History

Thanks to popular recent demand, organic hair care is in the midst of a renaissance. Brands are channeling ancient remedies to satisfy thoughtful consumers.

The original natural solutions can be traced to India as early as the 1500s, where soapberry pulps and hibiscus flowers were combined to cleanse the hair. Once colonial traders discovered the practice, it spread throughout England and soon all over Europe.

Women in ancient Greece even used olive oil to condition their hair – a practice we still use today!

Modern Organic Solutions

Unhealthy additives like artificial colorants & fragrance ingredients are found in most of today’s conventional hair care. These nasties have been linked to issues like allergies, headaches, and even respiratory issues. The worst part, even the most dedicated green gal has turned to conventional products to get the hair she craves.

The fact is, the vast majority of natural and organic hair care under-delivered until recently. Clean ingredients should never get in the way of performance! Products can now be high performance and nontoxic:

  • If you have damaged hair, look for a protein complex
  • If you have coarse or natural texture, opt for oils that won’t weigh hair down
  • If you need volume, try panthenol-rich formulas

So many of us now opt for organic foods, hair care, and even fabrics. It’s time to switch over from a traditional salon to organic! At Organic Roots Eco Salon, we refuse to subject our clientele to the harsh chemicals found in most salons.


A few products we LOVE:


  • Flow
    • Comprised of 5 unique technologies, FLow’s H5 ARCHITECTURE™ is designed to deliver essential nutrients, proteins and emollients to the hair and scalp with weightless and unrivaled intensity. It will change your hair as you know it!
  • Organic Way (Oway)
    • Oway is the world’s first professional organic hair color, care and styling line with biodynamic, organic and fair trade ingredients. Their green chemists hand select the highest quality active botanicals and pure essential oils to achieve the professional results you expect without the use of common salon toxins.
  • Skinny and Company
    • Skinny and Company makes products using wild coconuts exclusively harvested in the jungles of Vietnam. Their coconuts are hand-picked and packed with raw nutrients. We especially love their Skinny Shampoo Bars; they deliver intense hydration without creating excess oils in your hair.


It’s time to join the natural & organic revolution! Treat your hair like your skincare and develop a regimen that’s good to you – from cut to daily care.

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