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Oway is the world’s first professional organic hair color, care and styling line with biodynamic, organic and fair trade ingredients. Immerse yourself in a salon experience like no other with active botanicals and pure essential oils. Our green chemists hand select the highest quality formulations to achieve ultimate performance without the use of common salon toxins.
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The most effective hair straightening system for damaged hair, Magic Sleek has been developed with many natural ingredients found in the Amazon rainforest; these components are rich in Omega 3 and Omega 9 unsaturated fatty acids, which offer nutrition to the hair.

Magic Sleek is truly an amazing treatment that works with a very unique technology; it softens hair, restores life to lifeless hair, and increases shine for lackluster, dry hair by locking in moisture.  Magic Sleek shields and protects hair against UV rays and environmental pollution. Its high vitamin E content encourages accelerated hair growth. Magic Sleek penetrates the hair shaft and locks in moisture, helping to repair damage previously caused by chemical services. It also helps to prevent future damage by offering such effective results that daily flat-iron use is no longer necessary. Every time the hair is washed, it will dry perfectly straight and frizz-free without applying heat or brushes, and all without the use of formaldehydes or any harsh chemicals.


No Ammonia No Parabéns No Resorcinol No PPD

Artego One60Nine Ammonia-Free Hair Color


From the first moment on, you will feel, that this is a very special encounter with something you have been waiting so long for....

Do not even try to resist the attraction of the next generation of hair coloration and allow yourself to be overwhelmed by outstanding, natural color results with an incomparable brilliance you have never seen before!

We removed the expandable and added the essential, like highly effective, caring PREMIUM INGREDIENTS and leaving out Resorcinol and Paraphenylenediamine, that make you feel totally comfortable—topping all of this with a new generation of the innovative Artègo PIGMENT TECHNOLOGY.

The groundbreaking result? An “ecofriendly high-tech state of the art in coloration” - an unique formulation which closes the gap of gently-smart hair color that matches perfectly to the different style of life”.

Because it’s more that a color. It’s a part of lifestyle.

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  • It is a formaldehyde free, next generation smoothing system that uses the latest advances in science, along with only the finest ingredients, to create a product that delivers the results of a traditional keratin smoothing treatment without the harmful chemicals.
  • It works on all hair types and lasts for months.
  • Results last as long as or longer than any formaldehyde systems on the market, but without the harmful chemicals.
  • Using the best quality ingredients and without unpleasant odor, the Cezanne Perfect Finish Treatment outperforms and outlasts carbocisteine and amino acid products, and doesn’t break the disulfide bonds, which can be damaging to the hair.
  • Is unique in that it works from the inside out in changing the overall health and shape of the curl.
Skinny&Company Raw Coconut Oil Products


Skinny & Co. is a cruelty-free Leaping Bunny certified company that prides ourselves in our utilization of innovative, wild harvested, single origin coconut oil. Ourpatented Nutralock System crafts the coconut oil under 97 degrees F, which leaves all of the raw nutrients intact. This process results in coconut oil with higher levels of medium chain fatty acids and allows the body to absorb the oil much easier, enhancing its effectiveness.

Our prime ingredient in all of our products is our patented high-quality coconut oil. The line may be considered minimal, but every product is thoughtfully crafted and effective. The core collection consists of coconut oiloil pulling mouth washwhipped body butterfacial oillip balmshampoo and soap bars, and sugar scrub. The body butter contains 100% raw coconut oil, organic almond oil, and a blend of essential oils. The butter melts and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving behind super soft, pampered skin with a light coconut/minty scent. Using this product feels quite luxurious. The soap is also superior to other similar products. The coconut oil base is very moisturizing and also lathers into a rich foam. There are a variety of soap scents including lemongrass, peppermint, cinnamon, and green tea. The coffee fragrance contains actual coffee bean granules, which create a light exfoliant.

We are #1 with coconut oil lovers and consumers that prefer minimal ingredients, and individuals looking for personal care products that are super moisturizing and do not leave the skin dry. 

Organic Roots Eco Botanicals

Organic Roots Eco Botanicals

It started with not being fully satisfied with other organic brands. Truthfully, while they claimed to be organic, looking at the labels there were still plenty of ingredients that didn't satisfy the demand for truly organic products. Plus, they're too expensive. It took about a year to find the perfect manufacture and develop truly organic products. We offer a full line of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products, all botanical and truly organic. They contain such ingredients as: Filtered Vitamin Water; saponified coconut oil; organic hempseed oil; organic oils of: coconut, olive, jojoba, grape seed, apricot & evening primrose; organic herbal extracts of: alfalfa, rosemary, burdock, horsetail, sage, oregano, thyme, lavender, peppermint, goldenseal, cinnamon and lemon peel; potassium sorbate; xanthan gum, organic essential oils of: orange, ylang ylang.

When you first start using the shampoo and conditioner you might see a little flaking. That's merely your hair de-toxifying the chemicals and toxins from previous products. After a few uses you will notice dry split ends almost magically repairing themselves. Your hair will become more supple and manageable. Because our shampoo contains only enough cleansing agent to clean without stripping out natural oils, you won't need to worry about shampooing too often. In addition, unlike other organic lines, Organic Roots Eco Botanicals actually lathers, allowing you to feel like your hair is clean.

Conditioners contain no silicones so your hair isn't coated and weighed down, allowing it to move naturally. At first it won't feel rich and thick like products you're likely used to, but that's because those products contain chemicals to make you think they're rich and thick, when really you're just using chemicals that aren't actually nourishing and protecting your hair.