Save Your Hair, Go Organic!

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Taking care of yourself and the planet should be top priority in your day to day routines. Understanding what’s in the products we use on, and in our bodies is a great first step to living a healthy and toxin-free life. Living in a world where bottles are filled with unknown chemicals and potentially harmful substances can be intimidating! Thankfully, going organic is a great way to protect ourselves from toxic products while helping protect the earth, and in turn having the healthiest hair and skin possible.


Non-organic hair routines often include shampoos, conditioners & other products that are filled with harmful ingredients. Many non-organic shampoos include preservatives, sulfates, or other harsh detergents which unnecessarily strip the hair of natural oils, and vital nutrients. Non-organic shampoos are often accompanied by silicone-based conditioners which temporarily return softness to the hair and can also easily cause build up. When your hair is stripped of its natural and vital oils, hair tends to over produce oils to compensate for its needs, resulting in greasy hair (yuck!). This cycle is ongoing, which never improves the condition of your locks, and instead leaves you with dull and lifeless tresses; along with a volatile hair routine.


Using organic products can give you the healthy, strong, and shiny hair you want! Organic products are free of additives & preservatives, and provide vital nutrients to the hair and scalp, promoting elasticity, strength and vibrancy. Understanding the ingredients in your hair products proves to be beneficial when trying to address issues like dull hair, dandruff, skin sensitivities, and many other hair and skin concerns. Products with fewer ingredients can successfully target your hair needs, but can also protect you from harsh detergents, additives, and fillers in non-organic haircare products.


An organic hair routine protects your body from abrasive chemicals, and protects the earth from detrimental pollution. You can still have fab hair while committing to an organic haircare routine! At Organic Roots Eco Salon we pride ourselves on delivering our customers the best services, using the best organic products to ensure both you and our Earth are well taken care of. See you soon 🙂